29.10.2016… Wrexham (h)…

Gateshead 2 Wrexham 2

Gateshead International Stadium… Saturday October 29th… 3pm

Attendance: 832

Ticket: £15Programme: £2

I had a good rant last week about the current structure of Newcastle’s Loyalty Points scheme. My position? I don’t have any issue with a scheme that rewards fans who travel regularly to away games, ‘do the miles, earn the points’, I get that. I do, however, have an issue with a scheme that allows me to ‘do the miles’ but then won’t allow me to ‘earn the points’, because I’m only a non-season ticket holder who travels regularly to away games…

The most disappointing aspect of ‘the debate’, from my perspective, was the reaction of some of our more high profile fans. I guess that the current system works for them, or if it doesn’t then they can always blag a ticket, so why rock the boat…?

Ironically, I’d already managed to get a ticket for Preston (albeit it in the home end), but given recent events, I really didn’t fancy it. Things to do, so an extra couple of days at home carried far more appeal than sitting on my hands in Lancashire…

gateshead v wrexham...

Gateshead International Stadium: Pre-Match…

Anyway, back to the game that I did attend. Gateshead had to settle for a point after surrendering a two goal lead, when they appeared to be cruising. I guess that some consolation could be taken from the fact that they remained unbeaten in the league in October…

gateshead v wrexham...

Gateshead International Stadium: Second Half Action…

Gateshead; Hanford, Brundle, G. Smith, M. Smith, Atkinson (Wrightson 86), Penn, McLaughlin, Hannant, Jones, York (Mafuta 82), D. Johnson (Styche 75)

Not Used; Johnson, Robson

Goals; Jones (36), Johnson (49)

Wrexham; Jalal, Edwards, Evans, Bencherif, Tilt, Powell, Carrington, Smith, Rooney, McDonagh, Harrad (Bailey-Nicholls 55)

Not Used; Nortey, Dunn, Marx, Harvey

Goals; Rooney (59), Bencherif (69)

As usual, more pictures on flickr…


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