08.08.2014… No Silverware on Flickr…

So I’ve been to a few football matches over the years, I don’t claim to a be a member of the 92 club, or to be anywhere near close but I have followed Newcastle United around a bit. Anyway, I’ve amassed a fair bit of tat relating to these travels, mostly programmes and ticket stubs, all of which has been revisited in a wave of mid-life crisis related reminiscing. It’s also evolved into a rather unhealthy (and expensive) programme collecting habit. The result of all of this rambling is… the No Silverware flickr

No Silverware Flickr

The No Silverware flickr

I’ve tried to keep it need and tidy, nothing called DSC5672 in here… Everything by season, not too many albums… But it got me thinking… As I said, I like to read some of this stuff occasionally, wallow in a bit of nostalgia… but not all of my programmes live with me, and it’s best not to paw them too often. So I’ve started a second flickr page where I’ll be putting up full versions of what I consider to be the more interesting stuff… I’m making a start with the 1968/69 Fairs Cup run, programmes in their entirety, all of the homes, and a few of the aways… The result of this further rambling is… the More No Silverware flickr… Only Feyenoord and Sporting Lisbon so far, taking me a bit of time to make everything neat and tidy…


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