19.07.2014… Coventry City (h)…

coventryNuneaton Town 1 Coventry City 0 (match abandoned after 53 minutes)

James Parnell Stadium… Saturday July 19th… 3pm

Attendance: 1,690

Ticket: £10 – Programme: £3

First game of the season, for myself anyway, not for Nuneaton, having already played home friendlies against Derby County (1-2), Notts County (0-0) and away at Barwell (2-1) .

Not a lot to say about this one really, glorious sunshine and twenty minutes of reasonably high tempo stuff in the first half, followed by a 25 minute wind down to half time (heat related I would imagine) during which Nuneaton took a 1-0 lead through a gaz dean back-header following a corner.

The clouds began to hover during the half-time interval, meaning that by the restart most of the home crowd (myself included) had headed for cover behind the goal. Coventry started to apply some pressure at the beginning of the second half, hitting the post just prior to the intervention of what could only be described as a monsoon and play being called to a halt on 53 minutes.

The referee did head back out following the rain, he threw the ball in the air, it landed… game over…

On the plus side, I didn’t get soaked on the way home and I remembered to take a plastic wallet to protect my programme… most importantly though, football’s back…


First Half: Sunshine…

no sunshine...

Second Half: Distinct Lack of Sunshine…

More pictures, and a video of the second half shower on flickr…


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